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The staff at the Windsor Veterinary Clinic welcome you and your pets to our well-equipped facility. Our country location allows us to provide quality veterinary care in a friendly, comfortable environment.



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The clinic is located on Route 32, convenient to Augusta, Waterville, and many surrounding communities. We invite you to come in to meet the staff and get to know us, and of course we appreciate your trust in us to care for your small animal family members.




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Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks. In North America it is the black-legged or deer tick. Dogs can go months before showing symptoms of the disease. Signs to look for might be limping, loss of appetite, painful joints, fever, and lethargy. A simple blood test can detect your dog's exposure to this disease. There is also a vaccine to help prevent your pet from becoming infected. Topical flea and tick products, like Frontline Plus, help to kill the ticks within 24 hours, preventing transmission of the disease to the dog. Lyme disease is on the rise! In 2012 our number of positive cases increased to 171 compared to 141 in 2011. Consider vaccinating your dog against this dangerous disease.


For the health and safety of your pets and family, we recommend monthly deworming for all pets.


Tick Prevention . . .


Every year in Maine pet owners find themselves worrying about ticks and mosquitoes. Spring is here and so are ticks, mosquitoes aren’t far behind!

Stages of tick development.Lyme, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis (all tick borne diseases), and heartworm disease (carried by mosquitoes) can be extremely dangerous to your furry friend. If you find a tick on Fluffy, you must carefully remove it. Come by our office to pick up your tick removal spoon today – it works great and you’ll never have to touch that nasty parasite!

At the Windsor Veterinary Clinic, we recommend annual heartworm/tick panel testing and monthly prevention. Many dogs exposed to heartworm or tick borne diseases do not show visible symptoms. Annual testing is the best way to diagnose these serious diseases.

Call us today or click on the “Schedule Appointment Now” button for a Heartworm/Tick Panel combo test. Our number is 207-445-2373.

Our emphasis is on providing high quality veterinary service to our clients and patients.



Please visit our Online Pharmacy. Products are delivered straight to your door! PLEASE NOTE: Federal law requires that your pet needs to have been examined by the veterinarian within the past 12 months in order for us to dispense prescription medications.